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Traffic Safety Equipment

Safeware offers equipment for securing the safety of traffic stops, road accidents, construction sites, and any locations that require partitions, signs, cones, barricades, and any traffic safety materials. Find an incredible range of guards, barriers and marking equipment including:

  • Caution tape
  • Traffic cones
  • Retractable cone bars
  • Plastic replacement panels
  • … and far more. 

Road safety doesn’t just mean marking the landscape, mark vehicles with oversize load banners and wide load banners perfect for use on 18-wheelers, industrial bulldozers, dump trucks, and more. Find delineator posts made of linear, low-density polyethylene material with a heavy, stable base and an all-weather resistant orange reflective post for visibility in both day and night. These posts are also available in black, red blue and yellow for enhanced directional and marking options. For increased visibility, try TrailBoss Drums- durable Diamond Grade road markers. These drums are frequently used to mark off roadwork and construction sites.

You can mark different types of road dangers with highway hazard warning triangle kits or lime traffic cones. Light up a 30-minute flare and secure it with a wire stand as well. Throw up a fast stop sign or slow signal to pedestrians and motorists with paddles for road guards.

Safeware offers more markers and road safety equipment, including solid bottom rubber chocks which can be placed against a parked vehicle to hold it steady. These heavy, high-grade chocks resistant water damage, slipping, and crush damage of all kinds.

Wave down passing traffic with orange traffic flags, or get an out of gas vehicle back on the road again with help from an easy gas funnel, shaped for use with a wide range of traditional, gas-powered vehicles.

Find breakaway switches made of nylon with breakaway switches. For your ground crews, use flashlight batons featuring red, LED and 4-function options to help guide traffic, and direct pedestrians. Contact Safeware to learn more.

Traffic Safety