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Keep your emergency response situation lit up for the safety of people who are being helped as well as the responders. Safeware offers you flood lamps, spot, and remote area lighting. Find hand lamps, headlights, lighting parts and accessories, tactical lights and vehicle mounted lights and accessories.

Illuminate remote areas with a dual system for broad coverage. Choose the Litebox rechargeable lantern, or the mini-cube dual headlight, or hand lights with mini cube lighting, which features Air Systems ALHL25 LED Hand Light, 25ft. cord with power port male adapter. Illuminate your response space with halogen lighting balloons. For fast response, try the dual-cube LED light with internal battery pack by Air System Internationally.

For high-powered lighting adverse conditions either inside or outside, this light is compact, portable, and can be rolled out for use in 30 seconds. It has a super stable platform that makes it perfect for rugged terrain and high winds. You’ll get a high capacity 22 amp internal DC battery and the innovative ability for switching between DC or AC power from your response vehicle. Your Air-Light has the power to last until the job is done. Perfect for emergency response and construction areas as well.

For rapid, compact lighting solutions that don’t require proximity to a power grid, you can produce up to 2,500 lumens for up to 24 hours thanks to this FoxFury lamp. It can convert from an area light to a spotlight in seconds depending on what you need. You can even use an included remote control to activate multiple lights. Safeware offers a multitude of lamps that are idea for remote work, some with stands for expanding the illuminated field.

For more information about weather resistant, highly portable and high-powered lighting for emergency response, law enforcement, military work, and construction, get in touch with Safeware.