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Respiratory Protection

Safeware, a top tier supplier of industrial grade safety and protection equipment offers you a world-class selection of respiratory protective gear including:

  • APR
  • Cartridges/canisters/filters
  • PAPR
  • Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) 

Secure respiratory safety with the re-usable half-mask respirator, which offers flexibility for various work environments by letting you swap out varying filter strengths. The 3M Occupational Health & Safety comfort mounted Personal Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is ideal for a wide range of emergency situations.

Keep your respiratory equipment clean, safe and ready for action with a selection of cartridges canisters and filters from Safeware. Find High Efficiency breathing cartridges for HEPA use featuring Breathe Easy Systems. For 6000 series masks, safeware offers FR57 Cartridges, OV AG & Warfare Agents. Supply your masks with replacement breathing tubes, chin straps for use with hard Hats and H-Series hoods, and more personal protective headgear.

Safeware offers disposable respirators for industrial use in painting environments including shell designs built to resist collapsing under humidity. Provide your team with full face masks, which, when equipped with a filter protect the face, eyes and gastrointestinal tract from known biological and chemical threats in aerosol or liquid form.

For more respiratory safety, Safeware offers ambient air pumps, mobile air carts and trailers, as well as replacement low-pressure air supply masks, supplied air shield with flow control valves, and two-worker supplied air shield systems. Find replacement parts and accessories including lens shields, cleaning supplies, adjustable breathing tubes and more.

Safeware offers tanks, cartridges, gas mask bags, canisters, disinfectants, storage bags, and airline hoses for Self Contained Breathing Aparatus (SCBA) used by firefighters, rescue workers and other emergency response teams or industrial workers in immediately dangerous to life or health atmospheres. 

Respiratory Protection