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Tents & Shelters

E-Z Up Utility Shelter System


• Ultra durable utility walls can be configured to create your ideal workspace 

• (Opaque Light Barrier) O.L.B blocks out 99.8% of light 

• Zip walls together to customize your needs 

• Ground flaps secure the walls in place for additional containment to keep out light and debris


• 10’ x 10’ straight leg design • 100 sq. ft of coverage 

• O.L.B interior coating blocks 99.8% of light and deflects heat 

• Dual roll-up doors can be completely closed 

• Mesh roll-up windows can be unzipped for visibility or closed for          containment 

• Water repellent ground flaps secure your walls in place 

• Utility port provides duct access for heating and cooling 

• Power ports 

• Meets the CPAI-84, NFPA-701, and CAN/ULC-S109 fire-resistance            codes 

• Carry bag included 

• Indoor and outdoor use

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Deployed Logix Shelters

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Portable Scene Lighting

Battery Powered Scene Lights, 24 Hour Runtime
FoxFury Nomad® Series Area and Scene Lighting, available to ship immediately.
Nomad lights are easy to set up, run up to 24 hours, and are safe to use indoor and outdoors. 

FoxFury Nomad 360 Scene Light Highlights

-8000 lumen – 360° Scene light, 12° spot light and 120° area light

-Lightweight, easy to deploy, and re-position

12-volt system – AC/DC charge or drive
Runtime: Low – 24 hrs., Med – 9 hrs., High – 3 hrs.

-Includes 5 color bands: red, green, blue, yellow, orange to help recognize staged zones.

*Can be decontaminated

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Cots and Beds


(L & XL)

Product Numbers

Disc-O-Bed Bunk, Black, X-Large - DOB 30502BO, 2/PK

Disc-O-Bed Bunk, Black, Large - DOB 30501BO, 2/PK

Short on space but not on comfort. The Disc-O-Bed® with its modular disc system makes tool-free construction a breeze. Pack up is easy, the cots can be quickly disassembled and stored in the included compact carry bag. 

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• Touch Free

• 3 built in sensors 

• Backlight for nighttime reading 

• Safe & Hygenic 

Product Number

SFW 223969449963



• 8.5 mil 

• 11” 

• DriTek absorbent lining keeps hands dry and cool

Product Number

SWS MM-128-110-DRK-BK (SM-XL)



• Complete foam cushion goggle assembly with elastic strap attachment 
• Designed for splash, smoke & particulate protection for the eyes

Product number: PAU IDC/GAF

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Infectious Disease Control Face Shield

• Complete face shield assembly with elastic attachment and foam forehead cushion 

• Each unit can be disposed of after use at minimal expense 

• Re-sealable bag keeps the unused product clean and ready for use

Product number: US2 TH-820

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Rain Suits

The Pro Lite Rainsuit is built with a nonwoven bi-laminate material, making it incredibly waterproof, yet still breathable. It's washable and recyclable materials contain no PVC or phthalates. 

Products Numbers

FRO UL12104-04 LG Men's Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit, Khaki, LG
FRO UL12104-04 MD Men's Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit, Khaki, MD
FRO UL12104-04 SM Men's Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit, Khaki, SM
FRO UL12104-04 XL Men's Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit, Khaki, XL

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Kappler Provent Protective Gown

- Wearable gown and knit cuffs

- Serged Seams

- Hook and loop neck closure and two waist ties

Product Numbers



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• 17” x 17”
• 4 Gal
• 1.5 mil

Product Number

MED NON151717

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D7 Decontaminant

D7 Decontaminant is derived from aqueous-based decontamination technology that can rapidly neutralize highly toxic chemical and biological materials. It is a hydrogen peroxide-based formulation that also contains surfactants (i.e., soap), mild solvents, inorganic salts, and water. D7 Decontaminant kills the most common pathogens, including those found in biofilms, and neutralizes toxins.


- D7 Quart kit (4-1 Quart Kits) Case

- D7 4Gal Kit (2-2Gal Kits) Case

- D7 10Gal Kit (2-5Gal, 26oz Pt 3)

- D7 30.5Gal Kit (2-15Gal Drum, 64oz Pt 3)

- D7 102Gal Kit (2-50Gal Drum, 2Gal Pt3)

- D7 510Gal Kit (2-250Gal Totes, 2-5Gal Pt3)

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PureFlo 3000 PAPR

• All-in-one head, eye, face, and respiratory protection 
• Lightweight 
• NIOSH approved and no fit testing needed 
• Low breathing resistance 
• Provides cooling air over head and face 
• LED low battery and airflow indicators 
• Customizable to your exact needs

Products Numbers

ISP PF3000-F6NA-03 Pureflow 3000 PAPR, Open Frame, TychemQC 
ISP PF3000-03-022 Tychem QC disposable drawstring hood 
ISP PF3000-02-002 HEPA Filter (5-Pack)

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NMC Alert Cards & Crowd Control

Signage is part of an overall plan to make sure people know where to go, where not to go – both quickly and efficiently.

Products Include:

- Handwashing Signs and Labels
- Germ Control Posters
- Specific Safety Tips Poster
- Entry Procedure Signs for Contractors/Visitors
- No Solicitation Signage
- Acrylic PPE Dispensers (specifically for gloves)
- Biohazard Labels and Signs for Testing Areas
- Sign Blanks (Danger/Notice)
- Crowd Control products such as:
  - Folding Floor Signs
  - Plastic Chains and Posts (Yellow or Red)
  - Barrier Systems
  - Cones
  - Cone Top Directional Signs
  - Roll-Up Traffic Signs (Construction Style)

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