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Gas Detection

When it comes to safety, one of the main features that is oftentimes overlooked is gas detection. Safeware stocks a wide inventory of gas detection products with certified professionals to help you operate such equipment effectively. Our inventory of gas detection products includes: single and multi-gas detectors, gas detection sensors, gas detection parts and accessories, calibration gas and accessories, simple lines, pumps and tubes. Multi-gas detectors are one of our most popular items as it serves as way to detect more than one type of gas. Our Altair 4X Multi-gas Detector is manufactured to detect 4 different kinds of toxic gases. It comes with a quick-start card, data logging, charger, calibration cap and tubing along with a MotionAlert that’s now standard on all detectors. Ask one of our certified representatives about this and other types of gas detectors that can alert you from overexposure to any harmful ionizing particles or rays in the environment. This helpful piece of technology will act as a first responder to alert you of any dangerous gas leaks so that you can put as much distance between you and the compromised area.

Other Types of Detection Accessories

Safeware also provides equipment to detect other types of biological substances like gun powder residue and other explosives, metal, narcotics, blood and body fluid as well as fingerprints. We also have detectors to track radiological frequencies.

Calibration Gas And Accessories 

There are a number of reasons why you would need calibration gas and accessories, especially if you’re working in an industry that requires the collaboration of certain gases. The key is not only getting the best quality equipment in the industry, it’s also about using it properly. Safeware provides the education and training equipment needed to safely operate and use the calibration gas and accessory equipment we have in stock. Shop our online selection here. 


Gas Detection